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Survival Sciences was created to serve the law enforcement community by providing scientific, researched, and practical solutions for Use of Force issues.  Survival Sciences offers internationally recognized expertise in training and consulting.

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Survival Sciences provides:

Expert Testimony
Fair and impartial consultations on excessive force claims.  Experienced in state and federal courts, criminal and civil.

Survival Sciences Defensive Tactics (SSDT)
A train-the-trainers program focusing on lawful, street-proven tactics and techniques to reduce officer injuries and liability.

SWAT Non-Lethal Tactics
Most SWAT teams are highly skilled in firearms, but this training emphasizes methods of controlling individuals who do not pose a deadly threat.

Speaking Engagements Providing presentations on:

  • "Use of Force and Liability; or How Plaintiff’s Attorneys Attack,”
  • “Great Leadership – Focusing on Our Mission and Our People,”
  • “The Survival Mindset”
  • “Active Shooter Preparation for Private Organizations and Citizens,” and
  • “Don’t be a Victim; Increasing Awareness and Self-Defense.”



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