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Survival Sciences was created to serve the law enforcement community by providing scientific, researched, and practical solutions for Use of Force issues.  Survival Sciences offers internationally recognized expertise in training and consulting.

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Every year, thousands of law enforcement officers are injured, dozens are killed, and hundreds of millions of dollars are paid by municipalities in excessive force settlements. Current Use of Force training has not adequately addressed these recurring events. 

Survival Sciences provides solutions to these problems.

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  • Does your expert have extensive experience in federal and state court?
  • Does you expert understand federal civil rights and color of law charges?
  • Does you expert know how to establish and maintain rapport with a jury?
  • Is your expert an educator who knows how to present information on law enforcement practices in an engaging and informative fashion?
  • Chuck Joyner has international training experience instructing thousands of FBI Agents, law enforcement officers, and military personnel on use of force.  He is successful in explaining to juries proper police training and practices.

Survival Sciences Defensive Tactics (SSDT) Program
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All departments have defensive tactics training and most believe theirs is the best.  But, 

  • Are your instructors internationally-recognized experts?
  • Do you instructors understand the laws regarding proper, lawful use of force and liability?
  • Do your instructors maintain proper records needed in a lawsuit?
  • Have your instructors ever testified in court as an expert of use of force?
  • Chuck Joyner has been teaching martial arts and defensive tactics since 1980.  He was inducted into the martial arts Hall of Fame in 2006 as Instructor of the Year.  Chuck has served as an expert witness and provides training on use of force and liability to law enforcement executives and instructors.

SWAT Non-Lethal Tactics

Most SWAT teams are proficient in responding to deadly threats, spending countless hours in a shoot house and on the range sharpening firearms skills.  But,

  • What happens when a team makes entry and an individual blocks the team’s movement, yet does not present a deadly threat?
  • How many teams practice the more likely occurrence of having to restrain a resisting subject without deadly force?
  • How many teams practice good weapon retention while moving and controlling a non-deadly suspect, and are successful in dealing with the resistive subject without slowing the team’s progress throughout the structure? 
  • This course focuses on reacting to less than deadly threats, defeating body or equipment grabs, overcoming being jammed next to a wall or object, and controlling non-deadly subjects without losing control of your weapon.

Speaking Engagements

Chuck has spoken at numerous civilian and law enforcement conferences to include the IACP and FBINAA annual conferences.  He consistently receives the highest ratings possible from attendees and is listed by the FBI NAA as a recommended speaker.  Topics presented include:

  • “Use of Force and Liability; or How Plaintiff’s Attorneys Attack,”
  • “Great Leadership – Focusing on Our Mission and Our People,”
  • “The Survival Mindset”
  • “Active Shooter Preparation for Private Organizations and Citizens,” and
  • “Don’t be a Victim; Increasing Awareness and Self-Defense.”

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