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Survival Sciences was created to serve the law enforcement community by providing scientific, researched, and practical solutions for Use of Force issues.  Survival Sciences offers internationally recognized expertise in training and consulting.

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Survival Sciences Founder and President

Work History:

  • Employed by the CIA, 1983-1987.
  • Special Agent with the FBI, 1987 – 2011 (Retired)
  • Eight years experience working Violent Crimes/Major Offenders (VCMO) cases and gang investigations.
  • Served as the Principal Firearms Instructor and Principal Defensive Tactics Instructor in the FBI Los Angeles field office. As such, was the lead instructor in providing training to thousands of FBI agents, law enforcement officers, and military personnel in firearms, defensive tactics, chemical agents, and arrest tactics.
  • Served on the Los Angeles FBI SWAT team as a SWAT operator (entry team), sniper, and grenadier.
  • Appointed as the SWAT Commander and served in that capacity for three years until promotion to FBI headquarters.
  • Upon moving into the supervisory ranks, directed crisis management programs to include the regional SWAT team, Evidence Response Team, Special Agent Bomb Technicians, and the Weapons of Mass Destruction response program.
  • Managed multi-agency critical incidents, planned and coordinated protection details of U.S. government officials, led tactical operations, and coordinated the FBI response to special events.
  • Created and directed an international initiative targeting child molesters.

Training Experience:

  • Provided instruction throughout the U.S. and internationally on a myriad of law enforcement topics to include Use of Force, self-defense, tactics, the survival mindset, and leadership.
  • Certified as a FBI Master Police Instructor.
  • Holds FBI instructor certifications in Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Tactical, Chemical Agents, Physical Fitness, and General Police instruction.
  • Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certified SWAT, Sniper, and Baton instructor.
  • Certified TASER Instructor and ASP Baton Instructor.
  • Inducted into the martial arts Masters Hall of Fame as Instructor of the Year in 2006.


  • Creator of the Dynamic Resistance-Response Model (DRM), a Use of Force model which more accurately depicts the encounter between a resisting subject and an officer.
  • Co-author of “The Dynamic Resistance Response Model – A Modern Approach to the Use of Force,” FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, September 2007.
  • Frequent contributor to law enforcement publications.
  • Author of Advanced Concepts in Defensive Tactics: A Survival Guide for Law Enforcement, a defensive tactics program based on extensive research and street experience, and offering a viable solution to the limited training provided to officers. Published by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis in 2010.


  • M.A. in Organizational-Industrial Psychology.
  • B.A. in Psychology
  • B.S. in Biology
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