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Survival Sciences was created to serve the law enforcement community by providing scientific, researched, and practical solutions for Use of Force issues.  Survival Sciences offers internationally recognized expertise in training and consulting.

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Survival Sciences increases officer safety, reduces departmental liability, and increases public knowledge of law enforcement.

Survival Sciences is unique in that it:
  1. Relies on scientific studies and research to validate its programs.
  2. Training is based upon the Dynamic Resistance-Response Model (DRM) (created by Chuck Joyner and first presented in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, September 2007) to increase officer safety, to increase officer understanding of prevailing court decisions guiding Use of Force decision making, thereby reducing exposure to criminal and civil charges. 
  3. Offers the first defensive tactics (DT) program to realistically and effectively address the minimal hours departments have to devote to DT training. 
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